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Dealer Solutions

    • Virtual BDC for stores that currently don’t have either a service or sales BDC
    • Temporary solution for stores establishing or rebuilding a BDC Long term follow-up or overflow for high volume BDC’s
    • A la carte solutions for CSI, retention, service retention, maintenance, defectors, unsold follow-up and more
    • The only call center operated by one of the industry’s most successful business development directors--bringing 10 years of phone skills process to you for half the cost of an employee and zero training time! Along with team members who collectively have over 50 years of auto experience, 20 specifically in BDC/Internet Department.
    • Use of detailed metrics and benchmarks managed effectively by our team who report back to you to discuss outcomes and suggestions.
    • BDC agents who are trained on scripts, word tracks, and rebuttals proven to give the best results.
    • Our use of your CRM to log all information, allowing your sales teams and managers to track progress in real-time.
    • With no more than 250 opportunities per agent and a division of opportunities based on area of expertise (internet front line, internet long term follow-up, unsold follow-up, data mining, service, etc.), we can withstand the factors that are often the pitfalls of a BDC; too much opportunity per representative and lack of organization of responsibilities.
Our Services

Vendor Solutions

    • Appointment Setting
    • Tier 1 & 2 Customer Support
    • Ongoing Account Management
    • Implementation
    • Our call center representatives have a comprehensive understanding of the automotive industry that comes from decades of experience working in the field, giving them the expertise in ways to access decision makers; ensuring that every appointment is set with the individuals that are able to make decisions for their business.
    • Save time and cut back on your business costs by having our highly trained call center representatives use cold calling methods that generate quality sales appointments, allowing your sales team to effectively focus on closing the deal rather than generating leads.
    • Utilize our team members with robust product knowledge for Tier 1 & 2 customer support.
    • We build and maintain the relationships with customers that allows for successful client retention and help with proper use and implementation of your product.
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